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Expert Witness Retentionby Harold Bursztajn and Alexander Geiger

Many defense lawyers and in-house corporate supervisors make the mistake of waiting until a case is on the eve of trial before retaining the requisite expert witnesses, as a result of either inadvertent procrastination or a calculated decision to delay expert disclosure for as long as possible...[full article]


The Foreclosure Process in Pennsylvania - by Alexander Geiger

The foreclosure process in Pennsylvania is largely a creature of statute. The first step for any practitioner embarking on a foreclosure case, whether for the first time or the hundredth time, is to take a look at the relevant statutes. The next step, in case of ambiguity or uncertainty, is to review the applicable case law...[full article]


Auditions at the Met Hit Sour Note - by Alexander Geiger

"How do you get to Carnegie Hall?" a visitor to New York once asked. "Practice, practice, practice," was the apocryphal answer. The route to fabled stage of the Metropolitan Opera Company, as Antonio Jenkins(1) found out, may be even more arduous. And failure to gain admission to the exclusive club that includes the likes of Pavarotti, Domingo, Fleming, and Terfel does not necessary demonstrate the existence of illegal discrimination... [full article]


"Heartless" Employer Found Liable - by Alexander Geiger

May an employer fire an employee less than two weeks after the employee suffered a heart attack, because the company was busy and "had to hire somebody." At least in New York City, the answers appears to be no.(1)... [full article]